Waimānalo Limu Hui

The goal of the Waimānalo Limu Hui is to regrow the once abundant species of limu in Waimānalo Bay for the community to enjoy. By putting spore rich limu back into the bay, the hope is that the spores will spread and attach themselves onto the rocks and coral heads in the near by area and begin growing once more. The hope is to be able to do this with the different species that were known to grow in the bay. See our Limu page for more information on our efforts. 

The Waimānalo Limu Hui has taken the lead in the restoration of the wall at Pāhonu. We’ve secured a permit to do the work for the next three years. Work began in July 2018 where we rebuilt approximately 300 ft. in a 4.5hr period with the help of between 250-300 rock wall builders, enthusiasts, and community members.  See our Pāhonu Page for more information on our efforts…

Under the guidance of kupuna and other limu practitioners, WLH plants limu to help restore Waimānalo’s marine ecosystem and build a greater sense of community among Waimānalo residents. Each month for the past three years WLH gathers about a hundred volunteers for its limu planting events at Kaiona Beach Park. Due to recent media attention and social media, interest in their limu planting events has been growing.

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Curious about our program? Check out our upcoming monthly limu planting and quarterly Pāhonu workdays (January, April, July, & October) to see if you can make it out to join us. We’d love to have you If you’d like to bring a group to our events, please email us for further details and arrangements.


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